If you have worked hard and played by the rules all your life, but somehow you just couldn’t get ahead…READ THIS!

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Signal Automation Recognition Alert


why I believe this could be the only system on earth dedicated to those who want to make a very good living, even becoming wealthy, trading Forex… Doing it in less time than most people watch TV each day.

First, let me be clear that only the small group who joins me today will ever possess the radically different and highly effective method for trading Forex.

I urge you to read this letter carefully.

The life-changing, profound secrets for building wealth that I am sharing with you today could be the key that turns your financial situation around.

And I'm about to prove to you how this seemingly impossible feat is not only possible using the first real breakthrough system designed to win in today's economy…

But I'll also show you exactly how me, and others are doing it right now and spending more time doing the things we enjoy while having plenty of money to do so.

Here's just a small glimpse of what I'll be covering....

Profit: $2,813.88 Time: 25 min

Profit: $2,813.88 Time: 25 min

But before that, let me tell you why this…

“NEW Emerging Forex Mega Trend”
Will Disrupt the entire Forex Industry… Just like
It’s disrupting other industries…

The world is changing as automation conquers many industries.

We use automation to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Just look at the impact of automation on the transportation industry.

Can you see the major shift as autonomous vehicles rapidly advance and become a reality?

The technology behind self-driving and autonomous cars has progressed significantly in recent years, they will soon be a common sight on our streets.

The question is no longer if, but when we will see autonomous vehicles dominating our roadways.

Overall, automation is transforming many industries, making them more efficient, cost-effective, and productive.

The world is moving forward by using automation in various fields and it is expected that in the future, automation will play an even greater role in many aspects of our lives…

And Now, The Time Has Come For This“ New Emerging Forex Mega Trend” To Disrupt The Entire Forex Industry.
However Automation Is Just One Thing And…

I promise you that if you get in on this before others…

Your ability to make money on demand will soar… You’ll immediately take a giant leap forward in your ability to trade with the confidence of a master trader and begin making trades just like the many you see below.

Allowing you to give yourself a big fat pay raise anytime you choose.

Profit: $9200 Time: 2 min

Profit: $7,466.01 Time: 3 min

We’ll get into all of that in a sec.

Let me introduce myself first…

My name is Russ Horn.

And if you have been around Forex trading for any amount of time, you probably know me as one of the most successful and respected traders in Forex.

Now I don’t say that to brag or show off.

I know that there are many other talented and hardworking traders out there.

But I notice that many Forex systems today are not equipped to deal with the volatility in the market caused by the world's troubled economies...

Making many of these systems and methods obsolete as they can neither keep up with, nor predict the rapid changes that can turn what appears to be a good setup into a losing trade in the blink of an eye.

And this is causing too many good traders to lose when they should be, and could be, making money.

And today, aside from the MILLION DOLLAR hedge fund companies that consult me for trading advice...

As well as the financial institutions and High Net Worth Individuals who want to trade smartly and almost unfairly to make more money…

I want you too, to get ahead and possess this radically different and highly effective method for trading Forex.

Because ask anyone that's been trading for ten years, or even five, they will tell you it is much more difficult to trade profitably today than it used to be.

And it's not just us little guys who are experiencing this.

Big banks, hedge funds, and other major financial institutions feel the same pain.

In a nutshell, the game has changed.

It Was Time For Someone To Reinvent The Wheel And Develop A System Which Gives You More Good Information, More Solid Setups, More Trading Opportunities In Any Timeframe, Makes More Profitable Trades And...

Makes You More Money.

Which Is Exactly What I've Done, And I'm Going To Share It With You Today.

Profit: $7881 Time: 2 min

Profit: $7,881 Time: 2 min

Profit: $9200 Time: 2 min

Profit: $9,200 Time: 2 min

And one of the reasons I am so confident in my ability to help you change your financial situation is that I have done it before.

I’ve single-handedly trained, mentored, and helped over 10,000 people to become successful Forex traders.
And that’s why many traders I’ve helped call me The Legend.

But for the 80,000 people who follow me on social media…

I’m just a friend they wanted to have, to help them become more profitable and excel more than any other trader.

I am passionate about teaching people to change their lives and trading profitably in Forex.

Because I’m just like you.

I've experienced first-hand the frustration and disappointment of watching my hard-earned money vanish overnight due to bad trades.

I understand the agony of working long hours and sacrificing time with my family to make a profit in the market.

But I kept pushing, experimenting and researching until I figured out how to consistently profit in the Forex market.

And now, I'd like to share my system and knowledge with you, so you don't have to go through the same struggles I did.

So if you’re dedicated to making a very good living, even becoming wealthy, trading Forex… Doing it in less time than most people watch TV each day…

I am here to support and guide you every step of the way.

If you are serious about becoming a successful Forex trader…

Listen to me, because I will reveal what holds traders back from achieving success and the myths about Forex trading that most traders don't know.

Because Forex traders are a starving crowd, always on the lookout for the holy grail of trading.

Because of that, there are those that see us as easy prey...

We’re convinced that buying the next shiny object will make money roll in.

And, as a trader who started out clueless, it took me nearly a decade to figure out whether a system was a waste of money or the real deal.

And I was taken for a thousand rides along the way.

So I think you will agree with this...

A very good trader and a close friend of mine once told me that most trading systems could be written on a cocktail napkin.

That 99% of what is out there is the same thing with different wrapping paper.

That's so true, and it is why everyone is getting the same disappointing results trading these days.

"You see, almost every trader out there is using the same old-fashioned techniques, but the market has changed and it's grown increasingly immune to these ineffective methods of trading."

How has it changed?

The market is driven by emotion. Mainly, Fear and Greed.

As the economies of the world continue to spin out of control, these emotions are impacting the market at a rapid-fire pace.

And as a result, the market has become a sea of volatility. One that is seeing more and more people losing month after month.

It doesn't need to be that way.

Because you are about to see something so cutting edge, so unlike any other system you have seen before, that it's going to outrun this insanity and have you trading profitably… almost overnight.

Let's Face It, The Market Is So Volatile Now That Nothing Is Working

This may appear strange given that the Forex market is the only market where you can profit whether it goes up or down.

And that volatility can sometimes work in your favor...

But here's the thing... It's changing too fast now.

By the time you figure out what is working, the market changes, and you’re left holding another losing trade.

"The only solution is a system that can accurately predict market behavior by analyzing more data, faster, and make you money quicker than the market can shift… And Everything is in THIS

But it can shift on a dime...

So a system that could stay ahead of the curve had to be lightning fast and highly sophisticated.

Using a much more complex and accurate way of predicting where the market is heading.

The problem with sophisticated and complex things is that sometimes it takes a rocket scientist to use them.

This had to be easy to learn and simple to trade, no matter how complex the system was.

Because the Last Thing You Need Is A System That Takes Months To Learn When Few Of Us Have Barely Hours To Spare.

That's why I created a system that anyone can understand and learn in just hours.

One where you can immediately begin making a profit because…

Let's face it…That's what counts.

Making money as quickly as possible.

I can assure you of this:

You have never seen a system anything like the Rapid Results Method (And the technology behind this automation, which I'll explain later).

I have created this from the ground up.

I started with a blank slate and the desire to create a one-of-a-kind system for fast profits that could adapt to today's new economy.

One proven to make more money, in any market condition, in far less time than any other system on the market.

"This is going to change how 90% of people trade"

You Are About To See A Radically New And Superior Way To Trade The Forex Market.

Profit: $5500 Time: 20 min

Profit: $5,500 Time: 20 min

It was time someone came up with a system that does these important things:

Hard to believe? Perhaps.

But I'm not asking you to believe anything just yet, until you see the evidence yourself.

All I ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you my proof. It will take just a few minutes, yet the rewards can be enormous because...

This Automation and the Technological Innovation behind it Could Make You Twice The Money, In Half The Time Of Any Other System

And one of the reasons this system had to be created…

"The older I get the more I realize that I'm not getting any younger."

Let me explain, I have been trading for 20 years now and I love it.

I love the freedom of it, I love the income, I love that I can do it from anywhere with an internet connection.

But do you know what I love a whole bunch more?

My family, my friends, doing many other things in life that I enjoy.

Helping people, I get great joy from taking the time to reach out to my fellow human beings—helping other traders solve their problems.

This led me to question why I got into Forex in the first place.

It was because I was working 16 hours a day at a "job" and hating it.

Time is the ultimate wealth my friend.

I don't care how much money you have, if you have no free time to enjoy it, you aren't going to be happy.

That's my take on it anyway.

The problem, even in Forex, is that it takes time to be successful.

Sometimes too much of it.
I would much rather be helping others become better traders than staring at a chart all day long.

I Wanted More Time, But I'm Not Willing To Give Up The Fat Paychecks Trading Provides Me.

Profit: $5400 Time: 11 min

Profit: $5,400 Time: 11 min

I'm sure you feel the same because none of us seems to have enough time these days.

The whole world is moving at the speed of light.

And if you’re like the millions of people who start trading Forex because it’s an EASY way to make a very good living and generate cash without killing yourself…

Then welcome to the club.
You, them, and I wanted the same thing…

A better way to trade Forex…

One with a much higher success rate, with a lower risk and that works well in both lower time frames and higher ones

This allows you to trade for just minutes, if you choose, and still make good money.

I Wanted A System That Could Analyze So Much Data On Multiple Time Frames, All At Once, And All On One Chart And Could Stay Ahead Of The Market And Predict Where It Is Going With The Accuracy Of A Guided Missile


Let's take a step back for a minute.
Because Here's where using Forex systems have gone horribly wrong...

We Let The Bad Guys Through The Front Door

Forex is littered with broken dreams and bankrupt accounts of many a good, decent, hardworking person who just wanted a better life.

Their hopes are shattered by a ruthless industry that feeds on those who lack the necessary knowledge.

I've seen it too many times.

And here's the sad part…

95% of those who fail to make money in Forex have simply bought into a lie.

A lie created by marketers.

These people think it's Hollywood, folks.
Honestly, these guys are just making stuff up.

And the people making the real money?

They're holding their cards close to the chest.

So If you are as fed up with the lies, the deceit and the false hopes that surround Forex as I am, you and I are kindred spirits, brothers in arms, two pissed off amigos.

I have been trading for a long time and like you, I am bombarded with emails selling total crap, all with big promises.

These pop up every day in my inbox and...

...most have no more hope of winning a trade than a roulette wheel.

They come from trading "gurus"; if you looked at their accounts, they don't have two nickels to rub together.

They just have some decent marketing behind them provided by someone looking to make a fast buck.

These hucksters of pip delirium, have been hocking systems, robots and information at a pace that just baffles the mind.

I know Forex. I have spent over a decade learning and perfecting trading profitably in a professional manner.

Not one in a hundred of these is worth a plug nickel.

Yet we are swamped daily with the “greatest systems ever”.

Don't get me wrong. It's not all garbage...

There are some good systems out there created by good traders.

Yours truly has helped over 10,000 traders and created multiple different systems in the past which work like gangbusters.

Many of these people are now full-time traders making very good incomes.

Some just trade part-time to supplement their incomes.

Some have even become quite wealthy.

But the percentage of real systems that actually work, is minuscule when compared to the barrage of marketing we traders endure on a regular basis.

I just want you to know that if you are skeptical, I don't blame you. In fact, I am glad you are. It tells me you have the intelligence to succeed at this. All I ask is that you hear me out.

I will show you so much proof that you will not question if this is the real deal, a new way to trade.

One that lives up to its name and makes you more money faster than any other system by staying ahead of market changes, giving you more accurate signals and precise entry points...


I will show you as many live trades - like the one below - as you want to see. Trades done with this system and by people just like you:

Profit: $5100 Time: 18 min

Profit: $5,100 Time: 18 min

I get more emails from traders than Justin Bieber gets from teenage girls.

They range from a quick question about trading to some serious venting and long rants about their trading problems.

Know what they all want more than anything?

A system they can trade, with a full-time job, that's uncomplicated and easy to learn... and that makes money.

They want to know how to be profitable trading Forex in today's crazy economy and how to make more money in less time.

Now I know that's a given, it's what we all want, I'm sure it's what you want, but think about the importance of this for a minute...

A lot of traders do this part-time, they have jobs.

They have families and football and baseball practice and want time to spend with their kids, their significant other, heck even just ten minutes with their own thoughts would sometimes be a treat.

I'm sure you live a busy life too...

And just like you, I’ve seen how most systems out there are selling a pipe dream of working just a few hours a day and making a good full-time living…

But none of them really work. That’s why…

"I saw a real need in the market for something that busy people like you and me could use in our spare time (meaning the twenty to thirty minutes you have before all hell breaks loose and life demands your attention) that would still make us money."

Nobody was filling this critical need.

There are plenty claiming to be able to solve this with robots and automated trading systems but we all know those just don't work.

What I do know is many a sad story about someone who bought one, appeared to be doing well with it until they woke up one morning with their account blown.

Every cent that they had fought and scraped for was gone.

The fact is...

No one had created a real system for trading, a mechanical system that could get in and out of the market in minutes and be consistently profitable.

Was it because it was just not possible?

It Was Time To Blaze A New Trail…

Allow me to share something about myself.

If you give me a Rubix cube, a video game, or anything similar, I will be consumed by the desire to solve it.

There is always a way and I'm the guy who’s going to find it. I will not submit to being beaten because failure is not an option for me.

This determination may come from my time as a marine.

If a problem needed solving, I would not give up until I had found the solution.

Don't get me wrong, you will never win every trade.

This however, can have you winning a lot more than you lose and that's how you make money trading.

That's What Led Me Down The Path of Creating the Rapid Results Method

Traders trade Forex for many reasons...

It doesn't matter.

We all have our reasons, but the goal, the need, and the desire are the same.We all have our reasons, but the goal, the need, and the desire are the same.

We Want To Make The Maximum Amount Of Money In The Least Amount Of Time So We Can Go Do The Things We Enjoy Doing

With that, let me make a confession…

Because now I never trade more than two hours a day, usually a lot less, many days it's just minutes and I do this as a full-time living–a good one.

Now I do spend a lot of time helping, teaching, mentoring other traders, but that's something I enjoy doing.

I will say this though, you can trade this system for just minutes each day the market is open and see a lot of money pouring into your account. Want proof?

How's this for 7 minutes work?

Profit: $730 Time: 7 min

Profit: $730 Time: 7 min

There's a lot more where that came from, keep reading...

Before you finish reading this I will show you so much proof that this works, not just for me but for everyone who has traded it.

It will blow your mind.

There is no question whatsoever that it can work for you too.

But before I show you the full potential of this money-making system, let’s go back to the beginning of this letter, where I told you about this…

“NEW Emerging Forex Mega Trend” that Will Disrupt the entire Forex Industry…

Because In the world of Forex trading, Automation is also making a huge impact. revolutionizing the way traders approach the market BUT..


Level 1: First Grade Automation - Traders Assistance, which was achieved when BUY LIMIT, SELL LIMIT, BUY STOP, SELL STOP was fine tuned to trading platforms. This is the traditional method of trading where the trader manually analyzes the market, makes decisions, executes and automates FIRST GRADE LEVEL TASKS…

Level 2: Semi-Automated Trading - This level involves the use of trading software that can assist with analysis and decision making, but still requires the trader to execute the trades manually.

Level 3: Advanced Automated Trading - This level involves the use of sophisticated algorithms and AI-based systems that can analyze the market and execute trades on their own, with minimal human intervention.

Level 4: Fully Automated Trading - This level involves the use of fully automated systems that can analyze the market, make decisions, and execute trades without any human involvement.

Level 5: AI-Assisted Trading - This is the highest level of automation, where AI-based systems not only analyze the market and execute trades, but also learn and adapt to the trader's preferences and strategies, providing personalized trading solutions.

Let me introduce you to S.A.R.A.

S.A.R.A. stands for “Signal Automation Recognition Alert.”


S.A.R.A. does all the time-consuming work of trading for you, automatically.

She can give you the ability to take more winning trades and make more money in less time.

It makes the Rapid Results Method System even more accurate and profitable.

Because it's a software program. It has no emotions, and is simply incapable of making a mistake.

If you do trade full-time, it means you don't have to be watching your charts like a hawk so that you don't miss a good setup because the software will find you the perfect setups which align the Rapid Results Method System rules for a big profit trade and alert you when it finds one.

You don't even need to be at your computer.

It really is that easy to make money with this. Let's watch it in action.

Did you see that?

Now tell me that making money in Forex just got a whole lot easier.
As you can see, there is no need to be an experienced trader in order to make money in Forex.

With SARA, even a beginner can make a profit in Forex trading.

It makes trading profitably fast, simple and quick.

SARA is a tool that will help you make better and faster trading decisions by automatically taking care of some important and boring, repetitive work for you.

You can just click yes or no, and it has predefined money management rules built in to maximize every trade.

She is going to make your trading even easier and more accurate.

Imagine you are climbing a mountain, reaching the summit is your goal but getting there safely is important too…

SARA acts as a guide that helps you navigate the treacherous terrain, keeps you on track and alerts you of any potential dangers along the way.

Now that’s just Phase 1 of This New Emerging Forex Mega Trend because…

Phase 2 is where I’ve combined what I believe are the most efficient and profitable ways of trading… and that is…

Hybrid Trading

This is a combination of both manual and automated trading.

In this type of trading, you can use both manual and automated strategies to trade.

This approach is beneficial if you want to take advantage of automation but also want to maintain a level of control over the trading process.

Combining manual and automated trading is important because it will provide you the flexibility to leverage the strengths of both methods.

Automation can provide help with analyzing data, identifying potential trade opportunities, and making faster decisions.

At the same time, the manual part allows you to retain control over your decisions and reap the rewards of experience and intuition.

Combining these two approaches could increase your chances of success by taking advantage of both worlds.

That’s why in the next minute I’ll introduce you to the DPI (Dynamic Positioning Indicator) of the RAPID RESULTS SYSTEM.

Because together with SARA, it will Turn the Rapid Results Method into a -

Rapid Wealth Method.

And The Secret Behind Its Laser-Guided Efficiency Lies in THE TECHNOLOGY CALLED…


Fluctuation Detection And Ranging

F.D.A.R. is a revolutionary technology designed specifically for Forex traders.

It uses advanced algorithms to analyze market trends and detect fluctuations in real time that could give you the information you need to make informed and profitable trades.

One of the key features of F.D.A.R. is its ability to accurately predict market ranges.

It's like a detective searching for clues.

It can see things that most traders can't, and helps you make trades that are more likely to be successful.

F.D.A.R. is a powerful and innovative technology that is at the heart of the Rapid Results Method.

I have designed and created the most powerful indicator ever introduced to the Forex market. It has the ability to process many different pieces of information at the speed of light, all at once and all on one chart.

The Most Advanced Indicator On Earth
The DPI (Dynamic Positioning Indicator)

Profit: $255 Time: 6 min

Profit: $255 Time: 6 min

The Dynamic Positioning Indicator exists nowhere else on earth. It’s a technological Innovation.

Imagine you're stuck in heavy, congested traffic.

The cars around you are barely moving, and you're starting to feel frustrated and anxious about getting to your destination.

Suddenly, you see a special exit off to the side, marked "Express Lane Only."

As you inch closer, you realize that this exit is your ticket out of the congested traffic and onto a clear, open road.

You take the exit and find yourself smoothly gliding towards your destination, leaving the frustrated drivers stuck in traffic behind you.

That’s what this DPI powered by F.D.A.R is all about.

Only the small group of traders who join me today in the Rapid Results Method will ever see it.

Once you begin to use the Dynamic Positioning Indicator, a whole new world of trading will open up before your eyes. You will wonder where all the highly profitable trades have been hiding.

Many said it couldn't be done. But it has been and…

Now just to recap what I have already told you about…

And honestly, these two alone can have you making as much money as you want almost overnight…

And also what I believe could be the…

“NEW Emerging Forex Mega Trend”

That could Disrupt the entire Industry.

Now for the Final phase…

I know that what I'm about to reveal will be met with some resistance by many in the Forex trading community (especially the so-called trading Gurus).

But I believe that you deserve to have access to the most comprehensive and accurate information possible, without being held back by proprietary secrets or hidden agendas.

That's why I'm going to give you the
“A-Z of Forex trading”, including all the strategies, tactics, and tools that you need to succeed…

Some people in the industry may get angry with me for doing this, as they prefer to keep certain information to themselves.

But I believe that it's time to level the playing field and give all traders a fair chance to succeed.

Because I understand the struggles and challenges that many new traders face.

I've been where you are and I know what it's like to be taken in by false promises and empty guarantees.

That's why I’m disgusted when so-called 'gurus' and self-proclaimed experts prey on unsuspecting traders, promising them the world and delivering nothing but disappointment.

As for me, I’ve taken a different approach.

I focus on providing real, actionable strategies and tactics that have been tested and proven to work over time. And I don't sugar coat the realities of trading – it can be hard work and requires patience, discipline, and dedication to truly excel.

And that is the reason why I’m here providing you the actual guidance and knowledge you need to become a profitable trader.

So whether you're a seasoned trader or are new to Forex, here’s the final phase and one of the reasons why your success is almost guaranteed.

I've taken the time to compile all the essential knowledge and techniques that you'll need to trade with confidence, and I'll be providing it all to you in an easy-to-understand format.

If you’re brand new to Forex or someone who needs a refresher course on the basics, this first video is for you. It is a full blown beginner course in Forex trading that leaves no stone unturned and no question unanswered.

The “A-Z” of Forex Trading

module 1

Section 1

“ZERO TO PRO” Introduction To Forex

The "Introduction to Forex" course is the perfect entry point for those new to the exciting and profitable world of foreign exchange trading.

With easy-to-understand explanations and clear examples, you will quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of the Forex market and all the terms and concepts involved.

This beginner-friendly course is designed to help you take control of your financial destiny and work on your own terms, from anywhere in the world.

It covers everything you need to know to start trading with confidence, including different ways to enter and exit the market and simple, effective analysis techniques to help you make informed decisions.

Whether you're a complete novice or just looking for a refresher, the Introduction to Forex “ZERO TO PRO” section is the perfect foundation for your trading journey.

With its crystal clear explanations and practical examples, you'll quickly be on your way to mastering the Forex market and achieving your financial goals.

Here's what's covered:

Get ready to embark on a journey of mastering the exciting world of Forex trading.

This section is packed with valuable information, practical examples, and insider tips and tricks to help you turn Forex trading into a high profit, low risk business.

So, get ready to take control of your financial destiny and start earning money fast.

module 1

Section 2

“LOCK AND LOAD” Strike a Profit - The MetaTrader4 Platform

The MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform is one of the most commonly used types of trading software because of speed and ease of use. I use it throughout the course

MT4 will equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to get up and running in no time.

You will also learn how to use the windows in your platform, make adjustments and navigate quickly as you trade.

Here's what's covered:

A step-by-step video series will guide you through the process of…

  • Downloading and installing the platform, as well as deleting unnecessary default settings and properly setting up your charts.

  • We'll also delve into the world of indicators,showing you how to use them to your advantage, and teach you how to save time by creating templates.

  • We’ll cover important topics such as placing orders, understanding the various MT4 windows, making chart adjustments, and even how to add text and labels to your charts.

  • I’ll also show you how to open a new account and get a new data feed in MT4.

  • Rapid Results Method is about quickly and efficiently trading profitably, that's why we'll also show you how to navigate your charts with ease.

Don't let confusion hold you back from mastering the MetaTrader4 platform. With our easy-to-understand videos, you'll be a pro in no time. So, get ready to learn the most highly advanced, easy-to-use money magnet ever created.

Profit: $555 Time: 26 min

Profit: $555 Time: 26 min

Now We Start To Get Into The Inner Workings Of This Profit Rocket Ship:

module 1

Section 3

“RRM EXPOSED” - TComponents Of The System

TThe Components of The System will explain the different components that make the Rapid Results Method execute fast and profitable trades.

Here, I explain the different indicators used in the system and show how they are used. I will also show you the different phases of the market where you can find the best trade setups.

You will also learn how to use the windows in your platform, make adjustments and navigate quickly as you trade.

You will also discover different ways to trade the system, the buy and sell trade rules, and some simple tips that will keep you away from bad trades.

Here's what's covered:

Introduction To Rapid Results Method - In this intro, I explain just what the Rapid Results Methodis and what makes this, in my opinion,the fastest way to make money in Forex ever developed.There are many components that are 100% unique to this system. I developed them and you won't find them in any other system anywhere at any price.

The ability to trade profitably on any time frame from 1 minute all the way up to 1 month.

By having a system that can produce amazing results on the smallest time frames, you have the ability to make money fast while spending very little time in front of your computer.

Life is busy and that's why I created this system.

A system where, should you miss an opportunity, another will happen very quickly... on the same trend. In order to get rapid results we want a system that will have the greatest odds of success with many trading opportunities, and that's what this does. It is a very comprehensive, very efficient, very high-win-ratio trading system.

The Rapid Results Method is adept at taking money from the Forex Market.

I wasn't happy with just a winning system; I wanted every last PIP I could get when I sat down to trade.

There are actually a few different types of trades you can take with theRapid Results Method. That's what makes it so adaptable. In this section’s video, I'm going to show the right trade for each situation.

For the first time many people will understand why having one way to trade Forex doesn't work. You need to apply the right tool for the right job and you will learn just how I do that, step-by-step.

Market Phases - Here we look at the different market phases. The arrangement of the different moving averages. When the different moving averages are in different orders, the market is in different phases. The market will behave in a certain way according to the certain phases. We will look at the ones that are most important and that we can take the most advantage of, to nail trade after trade.

Dynamic Positioning Indicator - This is an indicator you have never seen before. It does not exist outside of the Rapid Results Method and it's dead on accurate. It can weigh many pieces of information at once to read the direction of the market as accurately as Google Maps.

Entering A Buy Trade - I can't really say much here without letting out some high level secrets reserved for only the few that join me in the Rapid Results Method.

However, I will say that you are going to learn exactly how to enter a buy trade following the rules of the system, and how it flat out wins. This makes growing your account just look easy.

Entering A Sell Trade - See above, same here folks.

How To Set A Number Of Different Stop Losses - Using my system, you will learn how to greatly reduce risk and well... stop losing. "It's not just about winning, it's also about not losing bucko." Can't remember who said that but it's damn accurate in my opinion.

How To Set Your Take Profit - We look at risk to reward as well as other factors and I share some secrets that will have you doing just what the name of this video implies... taking profit.

Exiting A Trade Early - "You got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them." - Kenny Rogers. There are a few reasons you may want to get out of a trade even before your stop-loss gets hit. I reveal these reasons and explain precisely what to do to keep you in the money.

module 5

Section 4

“Outperforming The Market” - Trading The System

In the Trading The System section, I go into deep detail on how to trade the Rapid Results Method.

I begin by showing you how to set up your charts to trade the method. Next, I show you how the market phases look on real live charts.

I then discuss the three basic ways to trade the system: Ribbon and Ghost. This is one of the real key strengths of the system. Ribbon means short term signals, Ghost means medium to long term, so you can trade a variety of setups depending on what the market presents. All on the same chart.

Here's what's covered:

You can look at one time frame and see those types of trends (short, medium, long) so you no longer need to keep shifting from one time frame to another.

To give you a better understanding of how to profit from these setups, I show you step-by-step examples of buy and sell trades on real charts.

Now, on each of these subjects I go into minute detail of how to apply everything and rake in the pips at a rapid fire pace. I really can't go into too much detail here, these powerful methods are reserved for the handful of people who want to sit down for a few minutes or a few hours each day and make as much money trading as they want.

1. Chart Setup - I don't believe in black box systems where you get handed something and just have to trust that it will do what it says it will do. Though it's done for you with my system in this section I walk you through how to set up a chart including the DPI and all the components of the system.

By the end you will know exactly what makes this tick and how to set it up from scratch.

2. Market Phases - In this video, I will teach you the three market phases to look out for and how to identify the perfect trending phase. Knowing when to trade and when not to can make all the difference in how successful you are in trading – more winning trades and more money in your account.

3. Ribbon Trade - Discover how the Ribbon Trade works and unlock the power of the Rapid Results Method. This powerful system combines multiple specific parts to identify trends with incredible accuracy and turn them into money-making opportunities. Understanding how each of these parts works is essential for making the most out of this system.

4. Ribbon Buy Example Trades - Nothing helps you learn faster and easier than actually seeing something done. Here I show you an example of a buy trade using the Ribbon.

5. Ribbon Sell Example Trades - Here the example is a sell trade using the Ribbon.

6. Ghost Trade - The next is the Ghost Trend. Once again I want you to learn this magical combination of the components of the system and how they work as a whole within the system that is so powerful.

7. Ghost Buy Example Trades

8. Ghost Sell Example Trades

By now, it should be clear that this system is incredibly unique and powerful. You can get in and out of the market in no time at all and reap the rewards, with a hefty sum of money.

module 5

Section 5

“Trade for Success”- Live Trades

Nothing teaches you the system faster and lets you see the system's raw power better than seeing it in action on live trades.

With Live Trades, I will show you trade example after trade example so that by the end you have a clear, concise understanding of how to trade the system. These trades are all live trades, not some cherry-picked trades you see in most courses.

I will show you the real power of the Rapid Results Method under Live Trades.

Trade after trade using the system in live market conditions. Watching me enter and exit trades as the signals occur on the charts, actually seeing the system in use, is the best way to fully learn and understand the system.

module 6

Section 6

“Staying ahead in the game”

In this section, I dedicate hours of teaching and training to reinforce everything you have learned throughout the course.

To ensure maximum results, I explain many advanced trading techniques and examples in different trading situations, starting from easy and moving on to more advanced techniques.

By the end of this section, you should be able to trade the Rapid Results Method exactly as I do.

If you do, I can assure you of the same amazingly profitable results I get with the system. I have held nothing back. There is no surprise add-on to turbocharge the system or missing piece to the puzzle. It's all here. Including archived materials from my private student’s session. Just learn it, implement it properly and watch the PIPs roll in.

Unlock the secrets to lightning-fast wealth creation with my exclusive 3-part webinar series. You'll discover everything you need to know to start making money at the speed you deserve.

I've meticulously curated the most valuable information and distilled it into a powerful and easy-to-digest format.

We look at the basics…

The indicators we will be using, I'll set them up in a chart one at a time covering every detail, so you can see how I do it. We'll look at the market phases.

  • We are going to look at reasons not to enter a trade.
    Yes, there are times when it's not a good idea to trade. When the market conditions are just not appropriate for trading and learning these market conditions which should be avoided will keep you on the winning side.

  • You will learn what you must know about moving averages that can keep you from making assumptions that could lead to disaster and how to spot the green light that says it's safe to trade once again.

    This is especially critical to know if you are trading the lower time frames. Trading without this knowledge is just gambling.

  • Know at a glance the danger signals that warn that the market could take off in any direction.

  • What to look for in an entry candle that is a sure sign that you should slam on the brakes. There's always another trade right around the corner.

  • How to spot the stop-loss that says stop trading, take a coffee break and come back when things improve.

  • The quick glance at the "ghost gap" that can help you avoid trouble.

  • The SECRET to spotting the red flags in your charts and avoiding costly mistakes. Imagine having the power to read the market like a seasoned pro, and know with unshakable confidence when it's safe to trade and when to stay on the sidelines.

  • Learn the art of chart analysis and master the techniques to identify the tell-tale signs of a market reversal, so you can avoid costly trades and easily make profitable ones.

  • Discover the power of the Dynamic Positioning Indicator. The early warning system that alerts you when a trade is about to turn sour, and allows you to bail out before it's too late.

  • Learn how to spot the red flags that signal a trade is going against you, such as being on the wrong side of the EMA or when the trade you're in is no longer the trade you entered.

  • Avoid the trap of risking your money foolishly by hanging on to a trade that's not going your way, by understanding when it's a good idea to get out early.

  • Learn how to avoid the costly mistake of entering a trade that looks like a perfect setup but will just drain your account with the help of our expert guidance.

  • Take control of your financial future by mastering the art of chart analysis and learning when to cut your losses for the sake of your account.

I would rather be out of a trade wishing I was in, than in a trade wishing I was out. Remember, every big loss starts out as a small loss.

No one hates to get out of a trade early more than I do. Especially when it starts heading in the right direction right afterward. But letting your emotions control your trading is a recipe for disaster.

On the other hand… if you’ve been keeping up with me, what I’ve given you so far are… the THREE BEST RECIPES for your trading success…

  • Automation (S.A.R.A.)
  • Technological Innovation ( F.D.A.R. powering DPI in the Rapid Results Method System)
  • Education (The A-Z of Forex Trading)

This is as close to having a crystal ball as it gets in Forex.

A System That Could Make You More Money In Less Time…

Because, if I may confess, I created this for purely selfish reasons…

You see, as I get older, I want to spend as little time as I need to in front of my computer.

But I also want to make good money.

I can now spend as little as 15 minutes a day in front of my charts.

Sometimes I have to watch them for 90 minutes. Either way, I don't spend the whole day in front of my computer.

I'm done for the day after a few hours, at most.

Maybe you don't know my story. I'll give you the short version.

I had a t-shirt business that consumed my every waking hour, and wasn't making me rich by any means. I worked 16 hours a day, never had any time for my family and wanted a better life.

I discovered Forex in my search for something that could provide a good income and allow me the time to see my family.

When I started trading, I went through the same struggle many traders go through.

I felt like a ship lost at sea. I entrusted my hard-earned money to so-called "experts" and watched as they carelessly squandered it away.

Desperate for a solution, I wasted countless hours and thousands of dollars on subpar systems that promised the moon and delivered nothing but heartache and disappointment.

But through perseverance and determination, I finally cracked the code to consistent profitability.

And now, as I sit down to trade, I can confidently watch my profits soar, time and time again.

But here's the thing - I don't want you to have to go through the same grueling journey that I did.

That's why I'm offering you a shortcut to success - a system that has been tried, tested, and proven to work.

Don't let another day go by feeling lost and alone in the world of Forex trading.

Take control of your financial future and join me on the path to consistent profitability.

And that’s what this Rapid Results Method is all about.

Not only does the Rapid Results Method make money fast, the learning curve is also quick and easy so that you can be up and trading profitably in just a few hours.
And everything you need to be successful in trading and rake massive amounts of money without breaking a sweat is inside the Rapid Results Method Members Only Area.

Think Tank

This is where the real magic happens.

The private members’ area is reserved for the elite few that have made the decision to join me and a few other individuals in becoming the most consistently profitable traders in the world.

This is where the real magic happens.

The private members’ area is reserved for the elite few that have made the decision to join me and a few other individuals in becoming the most consistently profitable traders in the world.

Doing it in such little time that others will wonder what your secret is, when they see how much free time and extra money you have, all of a sudden.

You will have unlimited access to this area that I call “the THINK TANK”.

In the Think Tank you will learn from me personally.

I will teach you the secrets I have learned that allow me to trade, never more than a few hours, often just minutes a day and make an income that is the envy of my peers.

You will have access to all materials where everyone is welcome and encouraged to ask any trading question they have. Whether it's a beginner question or something so advanced you wonder if anyone has the answer.

In here, you'll get that answer. If it's something I don't know, we'll find the answer.

Think of this place as a private and exclusive club. A Forex mastermind. A community of traders all sharing the same goal. To make as much money as possible in the least amount of time.

You will have access to exclusive training materials that are available nowhere else and to no one else.

I want to help you become a wealthy trader. That's my goal and the reason I am sharing my system. It's already making me money, now I want it to do the same for you.

Trading can be a lonely profession.

For most it's just them and their computer screen. Now that may be a laptop or an iPad, sitting by the pool with a frosty drink in hand, but still, it can get lonely.

Remember I said, "No one gets left behind". It's in here that I can make sure that promise is upheld.

When I see someone drowning, I grab the lifejacket and jump into the water. That's just who I am. Anyone who has bought any of my other systems knows that I am very involved with every single individual's success.

If you are having a problem, it's my responsibility to help you solve it. And I will, you have my word on that.

So if you’re Ready To Start Trading Forex For Just Minutes Or A Few Hours A Day At Most, And See Your Account Grow Every Time You Trade…

Then here’s…

The Rapid Results Method

Automation, Technological Innovation, Education

<b>Rapid Results Method</b>

"The Rapid Results Method offers the greatest odds of success by giving you many trading opportunities. If you miss one, another one in the same trend will happen very quickly."

You can use the method on anything from the 1 Minute time frame to the Monthly time frame.

  • Using the system on the smallest time frames is great news for many traders who have full-time jobs. A system that triggers several trades in a short amount of time gets you in and out quickly. The highly accurate, trend following aspects of the system ensure you have many more winners than losers.

  • It doesn't matter if you have never traded a day in your life or you are a seasoned pro, this system is the fastest way to make money trading Forex you have ever seen.

  • You will have access forever to the most comprehensive system for creatingincome in the shortest amount of time possible that exists today.

In the members only “THINK TANK” of the Rapid Results Method, you will find everything you need to learn about trading. You will find the amazing pieces of information inside the members only area to be valuable, regardless if you are new to trading or simply need a refresher course.

You’ll get everything to this NEW EMERGING FOREX MEGA TREND…

  • Automation (S.A.R.A.)
  • Technological Innovation ( F.D.A.R. powering DPI in the Rapid Results Method System)
  • Education (The A-Z of Forex Trading)
  • Think Tank (Exclusive Members Area)


The Unlimited Earnings Potential

“RRM Trading Report”

module 5

The Rapid Results Trading Report is a no fluff, easy-to-understand quick reference, that covers every aspect of the Rapid Results Method.

It is designed to be used two ways. First, you should sit down and read through the report in its entirety.

This won't take long because as I said there is no filler or technical blah blah blah in there just to make me look smart.

I hate that stuff.

Just clear, concise instructions on how to trade the systemalong with colorful examples so you can see what things look like with your own eyes.

I tried to make this so easy to follow that anyone could go through it in an hour or two and know the system well.

Then you will want to keep it close by as a handy reference tool. I've laid it out in a way that you will quickly be able to find the answer to any question you may have.

You’ll also unlock the cheat sheets:

Cheat Sheets

Simple sheets that will change how you trade.

These are designed to be printed out on demand and used to make sure you are following each and every step quickly and easily, leading to profitable trade after profitable trade.

You will know at a glance whether or not this is a trade that will have you in the money. It's as simple as if you see this, trade, if you don't see it, don't trade.

An easy-to-follow visual that you can use to very quickly know what you should do with every setup.

Because everything about theRapid Results Method is designed for the busy trader, to help you make money fast and then go enjoy life knowing you have the income to do so.

And what If I tell you that you have a special professional team dedicated to support and guide you, so you can maximize the full potential of the Rapid Results Method

24 hours a day 7 days a week!


Now after showing you everything, if you’re still skeptical…

I understand.

I have been right where you are at this very moment.

Trying to decide if this can really work. I have made some pretty bold claims. I'm sure that to anyone who has not yet used the system, it seems too good to be true.

That's why I'm not just going to show you live trades made by me using the system. I'm going to let you see live trades by other traders using the system as well.

Here's why that is important:

I have a reputation as a trader and a mentor.

I have thousands of very satisfied customers of my systems and trainings.

I am not willing to risk that reputation selling a system that I am not 100% sure will work for anyone who buys it.

In the big picture, that would be foolish.

That's why, before I even considered making this available to you today, I put it in the hands of other traders at all different levels of trading. I wanted to make sure they got the same rapid results and highly profitable trades that I was getting.

Until it got a thumbs up from this group of beta testers, there was no way I was letting this secret out of the bag.

That's why even those close to me didn't know what I was working on. The only people involved with this top secret project up to that point had been the trusted and highly secret mastermind group that shared my vision for a better way to trade Forex.

Only when I had proof that the system did all that I knew it could, for anyone and everyone who used it, and produced profitable trades at a rapid fire pace, was I ready to share it.

Profit: $475 Time: 35 min
Profit: $4,780.62
Profit: $251 Time: 19 min
Profit: $2,984.53
Profit: $475 Time: 35 min
Profit: $2,994.49
Profit: $251 Time: 19 min
Profit: $3,077.80
Profit: $410 Time: 41 min
Profit: $1,160.23
Profit: $249 Time: 36 min
Profit: $1,810
Profit: $425 Time: 9 min
Profit: $844
Profit: $202 Time: 3 min
Profit: $826

As You Can See, The Proof Is In The Pudding. This Is The Fastest, Most Profitable And Lowest Risk Way To Trade Forex In Existence.
Nothing Else Even Comes Close.

"This makes it possible to make money even if you only have a few minutes per day to trade."

Now don't get me wrong, this is not just for part-time traders.

If you trade this for hours per day rather than minutes, it has the potential to make you a very wealthy trader.

As a matter of fact if you’re a full-time trader, it could make you rich.

If you are a full-time trader and spend as much time trading this system as you have on others in the past, expect a call from your broker.

He is going to want to know where all the money is coming from.

You will see so many profitable trades every day that your biggest problem is going to be tax shelters.

You may need to buy another house.

That's because the real power of the system is its ability to feed you a barrage of accurate signals, looking at all the different time frames, and multiple and different aspects of the trends; so that when you go to enter the trade, you feel like a fortune teller able to tell winning trades and avoid bad ones.

You Can See More Profitable Trades Per Day With This Breakthrough System Than With Any Other System On The Market.

Profit: $500 Time: 4 min

Profit: $500 Time: 4 min

But The Only Way To Get Your Hands On This Trading Masterpiece Is If You Manage To Get A Copy Of The Rapid Results Method Before It Sells Out

It will never be made available as a stand-alone product, as it is custom designed to work as the secret weapon for fast trading with the Rapid Results Method.

But here’s the thing, because the most difficult part of this may be getting it.

Here's why…

I Am Limiting The Number Of Systems That I Am Making Available To Just 500.

Why 500?

There is a reason for that. You see, what I always do is that I limit the number of people who can get my trading systems, to ensure that I am able to give everyone the attention they need to learn trading to the point where they can make a career out of it.

I made a promise to my wife that I would never again work the kind of hours I used to when I had a "job". That's a promise I intend to keep.

You will get to be part of an exclusive members only area that includes a lot of easy-to-understand training courses that will help you understand trading down to its core.

Over the years, people have tested different numbers of "students" in these classroom settings. Even with today's amazing technology, the most that can be given all the attention they deserve, to get up and running fast, has proven to be around 500.

For these reasons I have decided to keep the number at 500 and no more.

Now keep in mind that when I launch something that could help almost anybody make money in Forex, it sells out in just hours.

As a matter of fact, the people that bought them have been thrilled with the results they’ve got and I'm sure many of them will be at the front of the line to get their hands on this one.

So you can see that getting this before it sells out may be a challenge. If it already has, I apologize.

Here's another reason I think this will sell out today...


Thousands Of People Have Been Following My Rapid Results Method

On Facebook, Twitter And Other Social Media But I Am Only Sharing It With The Limited Number You See Still Available On The Counter On This Page.

When All The Copies Are Gone, I Am Slamming The Door Shut, Rolling Up My Sleeves And Diving In To Help Those Who Have Climbed On Board With Me Today…
And if you're one of the FEW LUCKY ONES who'll make it...

I Will Personally Work With You In The Members Area Until You Are Getting The Extraordinary Results You Want. The Results You Deserve.

Profit: $350 Time: 6 min

Profit: $350 Time: 6 min

And this is important...

You have the very same assurance that everyone who has allowed me the privilege of teaching them has enjoyed...

The Assurance That

No One Gets Left Behind.

That's always been my credo. 

It's not just words, it's a promise that I uphold. Just ask anyone who has worked with me in the past.

I will never give up on you. If you want to become a six figure trader, I'll work with you until you are. If you just want to earn an extra $2000 a month, we'll get you there together. Whatever your personal goal for trading is, we will achieve it and I won't give up until we do. 

All you need is the commitment to yourself to do what it takes to take as much as you want from the biggest and most liquid market on earth.

There's $6.6 Trillion Dollars Traded Every Day In The Forex Market, Getting Your Share Of That, Whatever You Decide That Should Be, Is Really Not That Difficult…

Not when you have a system designed, tested and proven to have a high win ratio, in a very short amount of time, with minimal risk.

When you see how this works and all the proof in the form of real live trades, done by me and by other traders just like yourself, there will be no question in your mind that you are looking at something you have never seen before. The cream of the crop of trading systems.

And My Promise To You... No One Gets Left Behind.

I have busted my ass to keep that promise, the feedback I get from my past students tells me I have kept that promise. Because I wouldn't quit until they were successful.

"I won't stop teaching you, mentoring you, answering your questions, providing useful solutions, showing you examples, sharing new discoveries and giving you all of the tools to be successful until you are confidently trading and earning as much money as you want, no matter how aggressive your goal."

I am confident that you will agree that this is the most ingenious, effective, and profit-rich trading system you have ever seen.

But there is a much bigger reason to act quickly…

because to sweeten the pot and multiply the value of what you’re going to get, I’m throwing in an extra incentive to make the offer even more irresistible.



4 Bonus Systems for Unstoppable INCOME GROWTH

 1) The One Minute Scalper (Value $500) 

The One Minute Scalper
Fast trades equal fast money and sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered. This is the quickest way I know to grab 7 to 12 pips and you can learn it in nothing flat.
  • A very simple but also very profitable scalping system for trading the lowest timeframe available on the MetaTrader4 platform - M1 (1 minute) chart.

  • There are only 3 indicators so there is nothing complicated about learning or trading this system.

 It Enters Ahead Of The Crowd. 

It catches the beginning of the trend. You enter at almost the beginning of the actual move which is the best possible entry a trader can take. We enter earlier... and take our profit.

 The Trend Is Our Friend With This System. 

It trades in the bigger trend which as we all know is where the most money is made.

It uses only default indicators that are available on every platform out there so it will work on yours.

Many traders think that M1 scalping is a very hard task to do, but at the end of this report you will discover that when you know how to trade properly, M1 can be a very profitable timeframe, especially important when you don't have so much time to spend in front of your screen.

Think about it logically in just an hour you can have 60 1 minute candles. That means more trading opportunities, more setups, more chances to make a whole bunch of money in just an hour.

It also means that since you are trading for just an hour you can do so during the best times to trade, further maximizing your profits.

Not many systems will trade the one minute time frames and none with this kind of cash producing accuracy.

If you were trading a one hour timeframe you would have to trade all day to see 24 candles. This is perfect for when you are too busy to trade but still want to make some money. This is especially a big help to the trader with a full time job and a family. 

Think of it like a one a day vitamin. When you need that extra boost of income, you just trade for one hour and your account feels a whole lot better. 

2) The Golden Strategy (Value $500)
The Golden Strategy

This one is deserving of its name because it can line your pockets with gold faster than finding a genie in a bottle. This system has an amazingly high win rate which is why it was named the golden strategy.

If you don't like to lose a trade, this is the system for you.

  • This system is so conservative that there is never a question of whether to enter a trade or not or when to enter.

  • The take profit is set to twice the stop loss so the risk to reward ratio is very good.

  • The clear entry and exit rules make it easy to trade without a shred of doubt.

  • It can be used on any time frame. So whether you want to use the one minute time frame or the four hour (or any other) this can make you money.

Either way you will find it has such a high win ratio that it's like having your own private gold mine. If you can't make money with this, it must be that you are just not trading because this is like having a royal flush almost every hand.

Here's the best part though. This is the easiest to learn and simplest to trade system you've ever laid your eyes on. Once you have this being profitable will be a walk in the park.

I'm certain you will see this for sale sometime soon, probably for a bunch, but today it's included. Just another reason the Rapid Results Method is the best bargain in Forex.

3) The Secret Method (Value $500)

The Secret Method
This little gem was kept in secret for a very long time.

It was invented by hedge fund traders to rob money from the market like a thief in the night. That is why was named the Secret method.

They had no intention of this ever seeing the light of day outside of their private little hedge fund society.

Here's why they were keeping it under wraps, for use only by themselves.

It has very high winning percentage because it combines some of the most powerful indicators available on Metatraderin some very unique ways. It's this rare combination of indicators and signals we receive that make this so powerful for almost perfect entries and exits. It's almost scary how accurate this is. It makes you feel like you are almost doing something illegal the way it steals pips from the market with uncanny precision.

This is not some radical method of trading though; it's actually a very, very conservative method. One that once you understand its raw power, will become your secret for trading at a level once reserved for the wealthy elite.

  • Universal in terms of flexibility of the timeframes used. It suits all kinds of traders from novice part time traders to experienced full time traders.

  • You can trade anything from the 1 minute up to the one week timeframes.

  • It trades the major currency pairs which have the lowest spread.

  • The take profit is double the stop loss so we risk less to make more.

  • If the market turns against us we know exactly when to exit in profit. Because we have a clear rule we can close our trade without waiting for the take profit target to be hit.

  • We'll know without a doubt when to get out early because the indicator shows when the market starts to turn against us. We can exit at the very start of a market reversal. This makes this a very "safe" system and that's why it is so profitable.

If you want to know the secret of how hedge fund managers can put so much money on the line and never break a sweat, this is going to show you. How to safely trade a very conservative and powerful system with a win loss ratio that is nothing less than amazing.

4) The Super System (Value $500)
The Super System
If Superman were a trader, this is the system he would use. More powerful than a locomotive and faster than a speeding bullet.

You will see almost perfect setups almost every time you sit down to trade.

This system is suitable for every kind of trader, scalpers, swing traders, and position traders alike can use this to rake in the cash.

  • It trades in the direction of the bigger trend greatly increasing our odds of success.

  • With this system you will receive fewer signals but they will be more secure ones.

  • There are three possible exits from our trade before the take profit hits that gives us clear signs of a possible reversal against our trade.

  • While I prefer to trade this with the major currency pairs any can be used with success.

It took a rather heated negotiation with a longtime friend and trading wizard who is a super star trader by his own rights to secure this bonus. Every time I have used it I have been amazed at the income it produces. You will not be disappointed with this.

The most important point in all of this is that while other systems try to improve on the system with bonuses that make it work even better, the Rapid Results Method needs none of those. Everything you need to trade profitably in today's challenging economy is included.

However, it's not the only way you can trade. No matter what life throws at you I want to give you all the ammunition I can to always be profitable. Today as well as tomorrow.

Get These FREE

4 Bonus Systems for Unstoppable INCOME GROWTH (WORTH $2,000)

When You Order Your RAPID RESULTS METHOD Today!

You'll be thanking yourself for taking action and taking advantage of this offer. Don't wait, this deal won't last forever!

Now Here’s What You’ll Get If You Join Me TODAY…

The NEW Forex Megatrend “Rapid Results Method System”

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(Technological Innovation FDAR powering DPI of the RRM System)

SARA (Signal Automation Recognition Alert)

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A-Z of Forex Trading

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Unlimited Earnings Potential “The RRM Trading Report” + Unlocking the Cheat sheets

Value $500

The Think Tank

Unstoppable INCOME GROWTH Bonus System #1

Value $500

The One Minute Scalper

Unstoppable INCOME GROWTH Bonus System #2

Value $500

The Golden Strategy

Unstoppable INCOME GROWTH Bonus System #3

Value $500

The Secret Method

Unstoppable INCOME GROWTH Bonus System #4

Value $500

The Super System

That’s an arsenal of$11,000.00 worth of CASH-COW materials

But You Won’t Pay anywhere near that– In fact You’ll be Shocked…

Because it’s not even half of that…

Not $4,000.00
Not $2,000.00
Or Even $1,000.00

If you’re tired of overpriced products that underdeliver on their promises, you’re going to love this!

I understand your frustration, which is why I’m excited to offer you a top-of-the-line Forex System at a price that is truly unbeatable, at a fraction of the cost…


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Because of my ego.


Know what feeds it, what it craves? Sharing my knowledge of Forex.

Seeing the light bulb go off when someone just "gets it".

I love teaching this.

That's another selfish reason I decided to share the Rapid Results Method.

I make my money trading.

You may think that selling a few systems is the road to riches, but I'll let you in on a little secret.

Once you actually pay all the bills associated with launching a product like this, there isn't as much left as you might think.

Like I said, I make my money trading.

So to make plenty while trading fewer hours, well that was the answer to allowing me to stroke my ego with what I really love.

Teaching people how to trade. Like I said earlier, I created this system so I could use it.

Now I'm sharing it with a few other people such as you. And teaching you and helping you to use it to make a boatload of money is the part I really love.

But only a handful, I'm not out to save the whole world.

However, I will help you to become highly profitable trading Forex if you hit that order button before it is too late…

I Want To Make Boatloads Of Money

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You’ll save $10,501.00… Or 95% off the regular price…

Still, a lot of people would say that’s a substantial sum of money…

And it is…

You could buy a nice new TV for that money...

Or a dinner and fine wine at a Michelin star restaurant...
Or an overnight stay in a 5 star hotel...

But when you consider the earnings possible…

And the potential losses you’ll avoid... It’s a small investment…

It’s an essential investment… (One many Forex losers surely wish they’d made) A fraction of the money lost by some… And a small part of money made by others.

What if all this did was give you Profit? Would it be worth it?

Anyway... This really isn’t about profits for me…

I’m doing well enough…

And... Unlike many fake gurus, I’m not greedy...

All I want is to see the 500 people take control of their financial future through Forex Trading…

So I made this affordable for you.

I Want To Make Boatloads Of Money

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Well, if you divide the $499 investment by a year, it's just $1.36 a day.

[I just looked online and that's like the cost of a slice of pizza... or a piece of apple... ]

What's more important…

$1.36 or your financial freedom?

$1.36 or having the energy to play with your kids no matter what time it is because you don't have to worry about working long hours?

$1.36 or looking so good, from the clothes you wear to the car that you drive, that your friends and neighbors secretly think you had illegal money dealings?

$1.36 or the incredible pride you feel every time you look in the mirror... knowing that you took control of your life and your money.

Hey, if I need to, I'll even send you a check for $1.36 to cover your first day if it’s that big of a deal to you.

Why? Because $1.36 is NOTHING!

I'm not going to miss it and neither will you!

Anyway, I’ve shown you a lot of proof today.

Proof that this is the fastest way to becoming a profitable Forex trader who never needs to worry about money again.

All that stands between you and the life you want is making the commitment to join this group of future superstar traders.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying.

But you can and will lose out on the opportunity to make this work for you if you don't take action quickly enough.

As I Said, There Are Only 500 EXTREMELY LIMITED SLOTS Available... When They Are Gone So Is The Chance To Own The Most Advanced, Proven, Profitable, And Time-Saving System In Forex Today.

Now I want to assure you that I have personally put my own time, money, and reputation on the line to ensure that this system is the real deal.

I've spent countless hours testing everything and making sure that all of these were effective and consistent in giving you cash, day in and day out.

And I've invested my own money into this system to prove its worth.

I want you to feel as safe and secure in your investment as I do.

I'm not just a faceless company or a person trying to make a quick profit.

I'm a fellow trader who has been where you are and knows the importance of finding a system that truly works.

I'm passionate about helping others achieve success in the Forex market, and I truly believe that this system can do that for you.

That's why I'm offering...

OF MIND Satisfaction Guarantee…

Although I’m confident that when you get your hands into this Forex Megatrend…

You’ll be delighted…

You’ll be thrilled…

This product is so damn good
you won't really need this guarantee anyway, but I'm
putting it out just so that you feel protected…

OF MIND Satisfaction Guarantee…

After you gained access with the profitable Rapid Results Method you'll have a no-pressure, full 60 day period to go through it.

If in those 60 days of using this NEW TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION, AUTOMATION AND THE A-Z of FOREX TRADING you can honestly show that you’ve used them and you’re still challenged to get the results you want…

And somehow, you’ve not made a single penny or even gained back your investment…

Just shoot me an email, message my team and me via skype, or dial this number:
And our elite team of highly trained Forex Traders will help you personally so that you can make the most out of these unique systems.

You'll get the hand holding and support you need to get the maximum results possible…
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And to stack the odds heavily in your favor… here’s the…

OF MIND Satisfaction Guarantee…


Now, if you still feel like that Rapid Results Method isn’t for you and somehow you can show us that our system has not made even the slightest bit of improvement in your trading success and profitability…

Here's what I'm willing to do…

And this is not just a handshake deal where I can easily break my promise after you take up the offer.

But a promise from me to you.

If you have done the right things...

Followed the simple instructions…

Traded for at least 30 days using a live trading account and still don’t get success…

Don’t be disheartened…


I'll personally schedule a special call with you, not 1, not 2 but FOUR 1-on-1 sessions…

You'll be able to pick my brain and ask me any questions you have directly so that I can help you overcome the obstacle which is keeping you from your success.

CLICK HERE To Stop Struggling and Start Thriving Financially

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And if I can’t help you get the results that you deserve...

If I cannot show you the quickest path to success…


OF MIND Satisfaction Guarantee…


If you’re not entirely satisfied – even after the one-on-one mentoring session and 60-day period – we’ll remain committed to helping you succeed in trading the Forex Market.

We can arrange a refund policy for your full purchase price.

Given that you took action and use this NEW EMERGING FOREX MEGATREND RAPID RESULTS METHOD and traded with a live account for at least 30 days, you will be eligible for a full refund.

No Questions Asked!

And… no need for any embarrassing explanations as to why you didn’t like it. It's my way of ensuring that you absolutely CANNOT lose if you try RAPID RESULTS METHOD today!

Let me take on the risk, so you can sit back and watch your profits grow. CLICK HERE NOW!

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Think about my guarantee...

Do You Really Think I Would Waste My Time Selling 500 Systems Only To Hand Out 500 Refunds?

Here's the harsh reality...

If you are one of those people who buys things and puts them up on a bookshelf to gather dust, with plenty of good intention of getting to it one day, this is not for you.

If that is the case I do not want you to buy it today. You would just be taking one of the very limited number of opportunities from someone who does want to change their life.

Like I Said, There's Only Room For 500 And I Can Promise You There Are A Hundred, Maybe A Thousand More People Trading Forex Today That Want To Do One Of Several Things:

  • Learn how to have more winning trades than losing trades.

  • Have a greater number of winning trades.

  • Have more winning trades in less time.

  • Greatly reduce their risk while seeing more setups.

  • Trade for just minutes per day and see a good healthy income as a result

Maybe you are just afraid to pull the trigger.

That's just some people's nature. Nothing to be ashamed of, you are just cautious. Many times that's smart.

But that may be a problem and we need to talk about whether this may be right for you or not.

See, one of the traits of a good trader is the ability to make fast decisions, look at the setup, trust in the system, and enter the trade.

Same with exiting a trade, wait till after the system tells you it's time to take profit and get out and you could see some of your profits slide away.

Wait too long and you have a losing trade on your hands

So if you feel that is something we need to work on, tell me right away. Just shoot me a private email as soon as you get into the members area because it's something a lot of traders deal with and it's pretty fast and easy to cure.

I Have Thousands Of Traders Thrilled With The "Take To The Bank" Results They Have Gotten From What I Have Taught Them. They Have Become Some Of The Most Successful Traders In The World.

I Want The Same For You.

But you have to want it too. You have to want a better life.

Here's one thing I know for sure. Do nothing, and nothing will change.

Today you have the chance to change your financial destiny. Are you going to let it slip away or are you going to grab the opportunity by the reins and start the ride of your life?

Anything is possible with Forex. It has made many a millionaire and billionaire.

More importantly for most of us though, it is the only business I know of, where you work when you want, from where you want and how much you want. If you trade like you mean it, like it's a business that you are dead set on making a success of, you will

The First Step In This New Life Of Abundance Is Hitting That Order Button.

That's The Hardest Part Of This Whole Thing. The Rest Will Be Easy And You Are Going To Love The Ride.

The only way I see that this can't make you as much money trading Forex as you want it to, is if you waste time and don't hit the order button before it’s completely sold out.

So hit the button and let’s start making you some money!

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"If you are already a successful trader and this does not improve your results, I want to buy you lunch and hear what you are doing."

I know that not everyone wants to be the next Warren Buffet...

  • Some just want to trade for a half hour a few evenings a week and provide a great Christmas for their kids.

  • Surprise their wife on Valentine's day with that cruise they've always dreamed of.

  • Maybe pay off those credit card bills that are keeping them up awake at night.

  • Save for retirement, afford a bigger house.

Forex should be, and now can be, the easy solution

But Only If You Act Fast Enough To Join This Elite And Small Group Of Traders Who Are Hell Bent On Living The Good Life Trading Forex.

<b>Rapid Results Method</b>
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If you’re still here and haven't ordered already, I can only think it's because you're worried about making a bad decision.

You know what, maybe you are, but what if you're not?

Look, let's get real for a minute.

et's say you get this and you hate it.

That's pretty much a worst case scenario, right?

Let's say it's the worst thing you've ever had. And it's just absolutely awful.

Here's how to fix it.

If you’ve read my 3 LEVELS OF 100% ULTIMATE PEACE OF MIND Satisfaction Guarantee, you know that you have strong protection that removes all the risk for you... right?

But what if this works?

Okay, what if this actually works? Hey, you're still here reading this so you know, you got a pretty strong gut feeling that this is exactly what you've been looking for.

What if your gut feeling is right?

That after using everything, you could be up and making money almost overnight?

And days, weeks or months from now, you can be somewhere sipping your favorite drink under the sun, and enjoying all the time in the world because finally you’re making money you never thought you could.

Would you really let the worst case scenario hold you back?


  • Imagine the sense of accomplishment you'll feel as a profitable Forex trader.

  • Imagine the satisfaction of being able to financially provide for your family and being able to break free from the struggles of living paycheck to paycheck.

  • Imagine the freedom and security that comes with having a steady stream of income from your successful Forex trading.

  • Imagine the pride in knowing that you have the knowledge and skills to make smart investments and consistently generate profits.

Imagine the joy of being able to take your family on the vacation of a lifetime, or being able to buy your dream home, all because of your successful Forex trading

Don't just imagine it, make it a reality

I Want to make my dream a reality.

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Ultimately, It’s 100% YOUR Decision As To What Path You Take…

You can read this letter…

See all the amazing value of creating money almost on demand…

And somehow still decide “Meh, it’s not for me.”

Maybe you'd rather take the slow path to Making Boatloads of Money in Forex...

Figure everything out on your own...

Bounce from course to course, system to system...

Pick up little pieces of the puzzle from different places...

And hope you can eventually put it all together... to where you can start making decent money and make it almost anywhere.

I’m not saying it’s not possible to do that.

It’s obviously possible.

Years ago, before I started developing my own Forex System... that was the COMMON path to take.

Which is why it took so many Forex Traders 5 or 10 years before they ever sniffed 6 figures.

(And 90% of aspiring Forex Traders threw in the towel before ever getting there.)

So... you could choose to take the long, hard path.

I don’t think it’s the smartest path to take...

But if you want to put your life on hard mode... God bless you.

That said...

There is another path.

A path that’s already been cleared for you.

Where, instead of struggling to navigate the rough waters of Forex Trading all alone...

You can get to the Forex promised land...

With a big fat smile on your face...

Because you’re riding on the back of the “New Emerging Forex Mega Trend” that is about to disrupt the entire Forex Industry (with Automation, Technological Innovation, Education).

Of course, you’re still going to have to put in the work…

But I can make that work a whole lot EASIER for you…

By giving you the Automation that does 90% of the boring, repetitive tasks…

The System that has at least an 80% Win Rate…

The Education that covers the A-Z of Forex trading…

24/7 Professional support…

With the EXTRA PROTECTION of my 3 LEVELS OF 100% ULTIMATE PEACE OF MIND Satisfaction Guarantee…

To help you Make Money FAST without the risk!

That’s the point of the Rapid Results Method.

I’m not going to waste your time with hours of unproven theory that makes you feel smart…

I’m going to give you REAL, MONEY-MAKING skills that you can use and make money almost overnight…

But, while that might sound like a dream to you right NOW…

In the next few days, weeks or months, or perhaps a year from now…

You might actually choose to TRADE FULL-TIME…

Because you realize your time is BETTER spent by working for only minutes to hours per day and having the day for yourself or your family…

Especially when you start seeing solid profits rolling in and growing your account…

My job is to make you good enough… to where that’s a decision you actually get to make.

And joining the Rapid Results Method today opens the door to making that happen.

So while this is 100% YOUR decision to make…

I just want you to make the smart decision.

The decision with the BIGGEST payoff…

That gives you a CLEAR path to achieving everything you’ve always dreamed of.

The money.

The life of luxury.

The respect.

You can have it all.

You just gotta choose it.

So don’t put this off…

Don’t sit around overthinking whether or not this is right for you.

Remember, the Rapid Results Method is only available to 500 PEOPLE…

So if you want to fast track your Wealth-Building skills…

Then click the big button below right now…

And secure your spot today…

Before somebody else takes it.

Because once this NEW EMERGING FOREX MEGA TREND starts…

And you see all the amazing life-changing wins our EXCLUSIVE members get…

You WON’T want to be on the outside looking in.

And that’s more than a guarantee.

That’s a promise.

So click the button below and join the RAPID RESULTS METHOD today while it’s still open.


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